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Acne and Other Scar Reduction (RollCIT)

  • Useful in any areas of scarring
  • Particularly effective for acne scarring and for facial scars
  • See an improvement with every session

This procedure is Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). It is the stimulation of collagen formation using a fine needle roller under local anesthesia. When used for acne or other scars it produces re-modeling of the scar.
Scar tissue is composed of collagen in a dense disorganised mass as apposed to the normal organised parallel collagen bundles that are a integral part of normal healthy skin.

The roller looks like a mini paint-roller with fine needles. The fine needles pierce the skin thereby stimulating the fibroblasts, those cells that produce collagen, to remodel the scar tissue into a form that makes the scar less prominent.

Q. What areas can be done?

A. Any areas of scarring. It is particularly effective for acne scarring and for facial scars. It has also been used for stretch marks which are scars in the dermis and have a genetic basis.

Q. How many sessions are needed to produce a noticeable difference?

A. There is an improvement with every session as many as four sessions might be needed to produce your desired result.

Q. Is it painful?

A. It is performed under topical anaesthesia. Post procedure is virtually painless.

Q. Are there any visible side effects?

A. Immediately after treatment the area is quite pink, but this rapidly fades over 4-5 days. There is skin bruising which, unlike normal blue bruising (bruising in the fat beneath the skin) fades over a period of 5-7 days.

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