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Asian Patients Often have Particular Requests...

Asian area
  • We understand 40% of Asians develop thick scars
  • We understand some are concerned by a low bridge of the nose
  • We understand some are interested in double eyelid surgery

Asian beauty often has particular requirements. We take into consideration that 40% of Asians develop poor scars. There are techniques that address this potential problem.

A low bridge of nose in some Asians can cause difficulty in wearing sunglasses. This can be adjusted by a simple yet elegant technique of elevating the bridge of the nose.

Common requests include ~

Breast Enlargement

40% of Asians develop poor scars including those associated with surgery.

For this reason the absence of a scar on the chest wall or breast itself is important.

This can be achieved by insertion of the implants through an incision in a crease in the armpit. This approach produces a fine scar that, when mature, usually looks like any other crease in the armpit.

This unnoticeable scar hidden in the armpit is the reason that this ‘transaxillary’ approach is the one of choice in China.

Modifying the Bridge of the Nose

A common cause of concern for a significant number of Asians is a low bridge of the nose. Apart from wanting it higher for the sake of appearances, it can be a nuisance inhibiting the wearing of sunglasses because of their tendency to slip down the nose.
Rather than undergoing expensive and sometimes disappointing nose surgery, the use of fillersis a simple yet successful method of increasing the height of the bridge of the nose. Modern long term temporary fillers can last 12 months or more. They are ideal for this purpose. Permanent fillers should not be used.
Nose surgery, as apposed to the use of fillers, often does not satisfy expectations.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

A common wish of some Asians, especially Chinese, is to have a so-called ‘double eye lid’. That is, a visible crease above the eyelid margin. Such people still want to retain their Asian appearance and this can be achieved with this procedure.

Narrowing of the Wide Lower Face

It is not uncommon for Chinese and Korean patients to express concern about a square appearance, front on, caused by a wide lower face. They prefer a more oval appearance.

This ‘squaring’ is frequently due to overdeveloped masseter muscles, those muscles involved in the chewing motion when eating. They can be felt as a firm vertical mass immediately in front of the ears when clenching the jaws.

The muscle can be relaxed by a local injection which is effective for several months. During this time the muscle loses mass (bulk), so changing the contours of the face to a more pleasing oval shape.

Before & After Gallery

Please note that all the Photographs in our before and after gallery for our Asian patients are actual patients of Dr.Bruce Fox. The photographs have not been enhanced or altered in any way. This is the only procedure that has been performed. For more information about how we can help please contact Dr Bruce Fox’s rooms.

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Asian Patients often have particular needs