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Fillers - Face - Lip Enhancements, Neck & Face

  • Smoothes out facial wrinkles & grooves giving a youthful look
  • Being a non surgical procedure, means no time off work
  • Takes years off your appearance, boosting your confidence

With the passage of time the skin and other soft tissues of the face become less elastic. Repeated use of the facial muscles to produce facial expressions together with the effects of gravity combine to produce unsightly wrinkles and folds. Tobacco Smoking, excessive exposure to sunlight and inherited genetic factors also contribute to these ageing effects.

Another important factor in the ageing process is the loss of soft tissue volume; skin subcutaneous fat and muscle tissues become thinner. The importance of this has only been recognised in recent years. Prior to that it was thought that the elevation of sagging soft tissues of the face was the only appropriate management.

The first filler was bovine collagen which was used for fine wrinkles and lasted approximately 3 months. Since then the new fillers have progressively improved in their quality and longevity. Many of the current fillers last from 12 - 18 months.

I believe that the present long lasting fillers are best. There is a natural substance that occurs in abundance throughout the body, especially in the skin which is the most popular group of fillers. The TGA authority in Australia forbids the use of the exact name in advertising. An additional advantage of this type of filler is that it can be quickly and easily dissolved with a substance called hyalase, although this is seldom necessary. If for instance an area is considered a little too full, it can be readily adjusted by the use of hyalase.

Q. What areas are suitable for fillers?

A. Virtually any area of the face that has lost volume with the ageing process. Eg. Lips, various areas in the cheeks, chin, nose, etc.

  • Lips - Lip enhancement includes increase lip volume, creating a pout, stronger border around lips and cupids bow. Also used for the removal of vertical lines or wrinkles in the corners of mouths.(Mouth frown)
  • Fill in naso-labial grooves - Lines found between the nose and mouth
  • Forehead lines - Wrinkles or lines on forehead either caused by age or strong facial expressions
  • Mental Crease - Crease in the chin
  • Brow Droop - Sagging eyebrows
  • Crows feet - Lines or wrinkles at the side/corner of eyes
  • Tear Troughs - The ‘gully’ beneath the lower eyelid
  • Nose Bridge Enhancement - Especially in Asians
  • Neck Lines - Lines & wrinkles on the neck

The Asian Nose

Some of the female Asian population complain of a depressed bridge of the nose and sometimes a tip of nose that is ‘too rounded’. Occasionally the nasal bridge problem can cause difficulty in wearing glasses especially sunglasses. These problems can be readily overcome by the use of long lasting dermal fillers. The changes produced are very significant.

Q. What are the possible side effects?

A. Some modest temporary swelling, some redness, firmness, bruising which usually resolves within a few days. The majority of people resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Q. Is an allergy test necessary?

A. No, since the substance present in fillers is the synthetic form of one that naturally occurs in the skin and is not derived from animals.

Q. How much is it?

A. It can range from $700 - $2000, depending upon how many areas that require filling (therefore the number of syringes used).

Q. When will the results be evident? And how long do they last?

A. The results are instantaneous, and can last up to 12months.

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