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Who wants a Cheap Breast Augmentation?

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Who wants a Cheap Breast Augmentation?


Keep in mind that we are talking about trusting someone with your appearance.

There are two sources available.

Firstly, Asian Pacific countries such as Thailand.

If you were having it done in Australia, would you book your operation without first seeing the surgeon? That is, would you simply trust their website before seeing the surgeon virtually immediately and only before entering the operating theatre? I doubt it.

But that is exactly what you do when you have an operation in a country such as Thailand.

Also, if there is a problem in the post-operative period after your return home, you will have to rely on the goodwill of an Australian surgeon to attend to you.

Basically, you are rolling the dice with an operation that is going to change your appearance, possibly for the rest of your life.

Secondly, there are ‘clinics’ that offer surprisingly cheap fees. Ask yourself the question, why?

One reason can be that, if the doctor has little or no experience in the procedure, one way to attract custom is by offering incredibly low fees, knowing that he will gain valuable experience operating on those who respond to his offer.

Then there is the aspect of safety. There has been reported one ‘clinic’ that has experienced more than one life-threatening episode during the performance of breast augmentation operations at their premises.

In summary, research well and widely before committing. Also, it is worth seeking the opinion of more than one surgeon. Cost is important, but should by no means be the only consideration in your deliberations.

  By Dr Fox [2016-01-27]


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