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Dr Bruce Fox - Cosmetic Surgeon Melbourne Faq

How can I determine if a surgeon is right for me?

Most surgeons develop a reputation for skills in particular procedures. This is gained from experience. As the old adage says ‘there is no substitute for experience’.

It is a sensible move to gain the opinion of more then one surgeon. You are then in a position to have a broad understanding of what the procedure entails and to evaluate with whom you feel most comfortable.

How old or young should a person be to have cosmetic surgery?

How old or young should a person be to have cosmetic surgery?

The short answer is that it really depends upon the particular procedure that interests the patient.

But as a guide the patient needs to have physically matured, have a stable personality and realistic expectations.

If the patient is under 18 years of age they will need to have a parent/guardian with them during consultation.

Is breast augmentation a painful procedure?

As soon as you wake from the anaesthetic you have little to no pain because of the local anaesthetic placed in the area at the end of operation. When discharged from the hospital, on the evening of surgery, oral analgesics will manage any discomfort.
The first 48 hours are the most uncomfortable, but this discomfort progressively diminishes over a week. Return to work is usually 8 days after operation.

Is liposuction a good way of losing weight?

Liposuction of even multiple areas produces little weight loss. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, but is one to reshape unsightly bulges or curvatures. This is to produce a more aesthetic appearance.

What determines my body shape?

Overwhelmingly the main factor determining our body shape is our genetic background. Diet and execise have quite a minor effect. For those markedly overweight bariatric (lap banding) surgery is common and effective. For those out of shape, even when modestly overweight, liposuction is the appropriate treatment.

What is a Thread Lift (Stitch Lift), and how does it compare with a facelift?

Thread Lifting produces a subtle yet significant lift to sagging facial contours. Importantly other people will not realise that you have had something ‘done’. You will still look like you and will be complemented on your rested and fresh appearance. It is done under local anaesthesia and sedation, taking around 2 hours. Down-time 1.5 weeks. By comparison, facelift is a much more involved and expensive procedure which carries the potential for significant complications.

Furthermore, it is obvious you have had surgery and can produce a change in your facial character.

What is the recovery period following breast augmentation?

We recommend that you take one week off work, unless your occupation involves heavy lifting or vigorous, repetitive use of your arms. In the latter case a work certificate can be arranged for you to have an extended recovery time.

When can I resume my normal exercise regime after breast augmentation?

You will be given arm exercises to perform for the first month (post op) after-which you can progressively return to your normal exercise routine. Any exercise that causes the breasts to ‘bounce’ should be avoided for the first 3 months. The reason for this is that it can promote the clinical condition known as ‘capsular contracture’, which is the most common problem to spoil an otherwise good result.

Will everyone know I’ve had cosmetic surgery?

Over recent years there has been a rapid move to minimally invasive procedures. Most of these are either disguisable or not obvious within a week or two of the procedure. With some procedures/treatments recovery is a matter of only a few days.

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