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Hair Transplantation procedures in Wellington New Zealand

  • This procedure provides a relatively natural appearance
  • Look younger and feel younger, boost confidence
  • Experience of over 30 years

HAIR TRANSPLANTATION (HT) In New Zealland for 30 Years

Bruce Fox has been performing Hair Transplantation (HT) in New Zealand for 30 years.


Dr Fox was the sole associate of the pioneer of hair transplantation in Australia, Richard Shiell, and succeeded him as President of the Australian Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons.

He has seen the evolution of techniques from early ‘punch grafts’ through to current refined techniques with their emphasis on a natural appearance.

There are basically two modern day techniques, Mini-Grafting and so-called Follicular Grafting.

In Dr Fox’s experience, follicular grafting produces the least density of all forms of grafting whereas mini-grafting provides the best balance of density and natural appearance. He believes that the additional sessions needed with this latter technique and the consequent progressive change in one’s appearance are worthwhile in attaining an appearance of good density.

An experienced nurse-assistant it an essential part of a team for the success of hair transplantation. My nurse is one of the most experienced in the world and has lectured other nurses at international conferences.

The procedures are performed comfortably under sedation and local anaesthesia in an modern outpatient setting at Southern Cross Hospital Specialist Centre, Wellington.

Dr Fox’s NZ manager is Joy Cole, who is based in Wellington. Mrs Cole is a very experienced and empathetic manager, having been with me for several years. Prior to that, she managed a medical specialist centre.

Please contact Joy to arrange an appointment - 04 383 6652 (NZ Area Code is 0064). or click on our book consultation button to the right.



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